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Video Terminatryx
Video Terminatryx

Terminatryx videos

TERMINATRYX studio album SHADOW & its remixes REMYX v2.0 now available at :

Bandcamp Terminatryx iTunes CD Baby Amazon mp3

Pre-production on some music video plans are underway.
Stay tuned for more details, meanwhile, head to the YouTube channel, sub & hit all notifications:

or have a look at all some Terminatryx clips below:

TERMINATRYX - "SleepWalkers" Live
From the first ever Terminatryx live performance Nov 2003! supporting Diary Of Dreams


TERMINATRYX - "PuriFire" Lyric Video


A day in the life of Terminatryx drummer Ronnie's other life as a tattoo artist!
(the soundtrack is the first rough mix taste of the new Terminatryx song "Go!")


Shot at the Terminatryx 12th anniversary show in 2014.
The night featured many special guests. For "Holy" Theo Crous (K.O.B.U.S. and Springbok Nude Girls)
and Francois Blom (V.O.D, Die Kruis, K.O.B.U.S.) joined us on stage.


TERMINATRYX - World Snake Day
A quick clip for World Snake Day with Sonja and Warren Verster's pyhton Don,
and taking about her encounter with his tarantula (shot at Paul Verster's Viking Bar)


TERMINATRYX - "Metropolis"
Clip for the opening track of the "Shadow" album,
featuring footage from Fritz Lang's classic movie Metropolis (which inspired the song via our Makabra Ensemble movie soundtrack project)


Vlog from the 24hr Terminatryx hit & run single show at Rumours in Joburg


TERMINATRYX - Full self-titled debut album from 2008 with lyrics
(this album was accidentally removed for Google Play and You Tube Music! So here it is in full at
our YouTube channel. It is still however at Apple, Spotify and all other services)


Previously unreleased video of Sonja getting one of her early tattoos in 2002
(from Manuela at WildFire)


O+ "Seven Nation Army"
song & video cover
&Paul's cover project O+.
This video now also at the Terminatryx YouTube channel.


From the Vault: Terminatryx live 2010, supporting Sigue Sigue Sputnik


Quarantine lock-down remote jam video


From the Vault
Sonja's 'Beautiful People' Alternative photo-shoot (2002)


TERMINATRYX - "Scars (Grimehouse Remix)" - Live Version

This trailer clip for the TERMINATRYX show at
features a segment from the new live version of the
Grimehouse "Scars" remix (with added guitars)

"Shadow vs Remyx v2.0 Sampler"
Sampler Video

"REMYX v2.0", the long awaited remixes of the TERMINATRYX "SHADOW" album is now available at all reputed digital
download stores! (from iTunes to Bandcamp and all in between) + limited edition USB drive / pendant , and CD options.

The sampler video clip features extracts from the original album tracks, alternated with their remixes.

Thanks to the kick-ass folks who opened our tracks into another dimension of musical exploration, incl. returning remixers: 
iRONic (South Africa), MR SAKITUMI (South Africa)

and newcomers to the reconstruction of the TERMINATRYX audio universe include these South Africans:

"Masjien-Machine (Sementkop Remix by Battery 9)"
Lyric Video


For the remix of Afrikaans song "Masjien" on the TERMINATRYX "Remyx v2.0" album, the band had a brainflash:
ask SA Industrial legends Battery 9 to do a mash-up with their 1996 cut "Kiss The Machine"... 
The wish was granted and here is the track's lyric video! 
Expect rockets, explosions, space ships, blades and gears... and words of course!
Hit CC for English subtitles.

Original "Masjien" track from the 2014 TERMINATRYX "Shadow" album / Written by Paul Blom /
Produced by Paul Blom & Theo Crous / performed by Terminatryx
Remixed by Paul Riekert & Battery 9, including elements from "Kiss The Machine", originally on the 1996 album "Strop".

"Masjien-Machine (Sementkop Remix)" appears on the 2017 album "Remyx v2.0"

"Masjien-Machine (Sementkop Remix)" Lyric Video produced & edited by Paul Blom 

a Flamedrop Production - c 2018

"Medusa (iRONic Remix)"
Music Video

"MEDUSA (iRONic Remix)" is the first single and music video from the "Remyx v2.0" album
(remixes of the Terminatryx "Shadow" album).
The video is a Flamedrop & BlackMilk co-production, directed by Ronnie Belcher & Sonja Ruppersberg


Music Credits:

Original "Medusa" track from the Terminatryx "Shadow" album
Written by Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg
Produced by Paul Blom & Theo Crous
Performed by Terminatryx
c 2014

Remixed by iRONic
featured on the Terminatryx "Remyx v2.0" album

Video Credits:

a Flamedrop & Black Milk co-production
c 2017

Directed by Ronnie Belcher & Sonja Ruppersberg
Cinematographer: Marnus Tredoux
Edited by Paul Blom & Leon Visser
Snake Handler: Shaun MacLeod
Colorist: Leon Visser
Set Dressing, Styling & Production Assistant: Henkile
Gaffer: Tiaan Barnard
Lighting Supply: Media Film Service

Special thanks:
Clinton Smith & Daleen Badenhorst (Cosmesis Prosthetic Studio / Masque Make-Up FX Warehouse)
Cader Kahn (Media Film Service)

No snakes were harmed in the production of this music video.


Music Video

Terminatryx was honoured to oblige when asked to adapt a poem from the rich oeuvre of legendary South African poet
Ingrid Joker, for a tribute album linked to the 50th commemoration of her tragic death (by suicide) in the mid-1960s.
Terminatryx chose “Ontvlugting” (Escape), and reveals a different side to the band, but the trademark sound and mood
is definitely in tact (while perceived as a touch milder than expected, still filled with impact as it drives towards its climax).

This is the band’s third Afrikaans song.

Compiled by Ingrid Jonker’s daughter Simone and her husband Ernesto Garcia Marques, the tribute album is titled
“Die Kind Is Nog Jonger” (The Child Is Still Younger), and contains 36 diverse artists of various genres, including
South African legends, alternative stalwarts and also international acts (some performing English translations). 

The album has only garnered high praise in the press, the 5-star review in www.WatKykJy.co.za singling Terminatryx out
as “next level” and doing the passionate poem more than justice.

The album was released by Flamedrop Productions and Sound Action, and is available on double CD, limited edition vinyl LP
and download (from all reputed stores incl. iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon mp3 etc.) 
CDs and vinyl can be picked up at stores across South Africa, or ordered on-line at www.loot.co.za and www.raru.co.za

More details on the album, its background and all the artists can be found at www.flamedrop.com/ingridjonker

Such is Ingrid Jonker’s impact that Nelson Mandela praised her and read from her poem “Die Kind” (The Child) during his
address at the opening of the first democratically elected parliament in 1994.

For the ocean themed music video to this darkly melancholic song, Terminatryx incorporated selected scenes from a short
film made by drummer Ronnie and his BlackMilk partners Thomas Dorman (also a regular Terminatryx photographic
collaborator), Leon Visser and Este Kira. This short film is titled “Onrusbarend” (Unbearable), and won a Shnit award.
See the full short film at www.youtube.com/blackmilkproductions

“Ontvlugting” Music Credits:
Words by Ingrid Jonker
Music by Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg
Performed by Terminatryx
From the album “Die Kind Is Nog Jonger” (CD cat. # FDROP 002 / LP cat. # FDROP 003)
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Paul Blom
Mastered by Peter Pearlson
A Flamedrop Productions & Sound Action release
c 2016

“Ontvlugting” Video Credits:
Produced by Paul A. Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg
Directed & Edited by Paul A. Blom
Band Footage Shot by Henri-Jacques Blom
Underwater Footage Shot by Paul A. Blom
Colour Grading by Leon Visser
Make-up & Hair by Sonja Ruppersberg
Still photography by Megan Davies
Catering by Flamedrop
c 2016

“Onrusbarend” Video Credits:
Footage courtesy of BlackMilk Productions
Starring Jessica Miles, Zane Marc Gents, Tanith Shortridge, Jayden Troy Richards
Written & Directed by Ronnie Belcher and Thomas Dorman
Cinematography & Post-Production by Leon Visser
Production Design by Este Kira
c 2011
See the full short film at www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkURXogqc1s

"Siek + Sat"
Music Video

In 2008 TERMINATRYX shot a music video for the Afrikaans song "Siek + Sat" (Sick + Tired) from the self-titled debut album.
For various reasons at the time, the video was shelved for release (see below) and only used as a live performance backdrop.
Now, 8 years later (2016), it is being released for the first time...

The song is a stream of consciousness tirade on some of the aspects of life on planet earth
that can rub you up the wrong way (in one of SA's very expressive languages, Afrikaans). 
In order to illustrate this, Terminatryx co-founder and video director Paul wanted to have
this fury materialise in the video. He devised a simple but effective method, having the band perform
in front of green flames, but when the chorus kicks in, the fire turns red together with
the band members erupting into alter egos of disdain. 
For this effect the talented duo of Clinton Smith and Daleen Badenhorst of Cosmesis transformed
Sonja, Ronnie, Patrick and Paul with practical make-up application, including painted veins
and black-out contact lenses - yes, half a decade before Die Antwoord :)

2008 was still very much a pre-HD era, the video shot in SD DV, Paul wasn't happy that the
great make-up work by Clinton and Daleen got diminished by the less than perfect video quality.
On top of this, it was Paul's first attempt at editing green screen shot footage
(to key in the flames and band members). The less-crisp quality led to a lot of bleeding and interference. 
While the video did get screened as an opening clip before Paul & Sonja's Makabra Ensemble
live movie soundtrack performance of Nosferatu at the Oppi Koppi music festival
(and a few other film festivals like the SA HorrorFest), it was never 100% satisfactory.
So, it got shelved and only used as part of the live video backdrop to synch up
with the song when performed. 

But, now that the self-titled TERMINATRYX debut album (where "Siek+Sat" features)
is celebrating its 8th anniversary, we thought it was time the video got dusted off
and revealed to the wider public for the first time.
Looking back at it again after many years, it is actually far less terrible than the fog of memory recalls(!).

Behind the scenes photo gallery: 

"Siek+Sat (Battery 9 Artillirie Mix)"

Live fan-shot clip at the 4 March 2015 MINISTRY South African Tour show with TERMINATRYX as official support band.
(The video footage is supplemented with still images from the night)
Battery 9 kingpin Paul Riekert was invited to perform guest backing vocals for this live rendition of the song he remixed
for Terminatryx (on our "Remyx v1.0" album)

[ produced & edited by Paul Blom ]

live performance feature on Banger Films SA Metal documentary

Part 1 of 3 with  Sam Dunn & Banger Films' spotlight on South African Metal incl. an interview with Shaughan Pieterse of Witchdoctor Productions and live performance clips by 
Terminatryx, AGRO, Theatre Runs Red, SacriFist, Demogoroth Satanum and The Drift.



1st music video from the "Shadow" album is its title track
[ produced & directed by Sonja Ruppersberg & Paul Blom ]

TERMINATRYX "Shadow" music video
2014 Flamedrop Productions


"Gone" is the 2nd music video from the 2014 "Shadow" album
[ a Flamedrop & Gleam Studio co-production / Directed by Johnny Swanepoel ]

TERMINATRYX "Gone" music video
2014 Flamedrop Productions

Merch Production

Footage of three different Terminatryx T-shirts being produced
(jacked up to the tune of the Terminatryx song "Purifire")

TERMINATRYX - Merch Production (Purifire)
2015 Flamedrop Productions

What The Duck?!

A funny thing happened on the way to Terminatryx band practice...

(with the Terminatryx song "Scars")

TERMINATRYX - What The Duck?! (Scars)
2015 Flamedrop Productions

Video Teaser

TERMINATRYX "Shadow" video teaser
2014 Flamedrop Productions

Video Teaser

TERMINATRYX "Gone" video teaser
2014 Flamedrop Productions

"Debut vs Remyx Trailer"

Extensive trailer featuring extracts from all the TERMINATRYX self-titled debut album songs,
alternated with their remixed versions on "Remyx v1.0" (+ bonus tracks) :

TERMINATRYX debut album & "Remyx v1.0" twin trailer
2012 Flamedrop Productions


Terminatryx live

TERMINATRYX "Obsession" Music Video
2012 Flamedrop Productions

By 2009 Cape Town’s Terminatryx decided to add a cover version to their live set.

Having grown up in the ’80s, Paul and Sonja knew it had to be something from that era, but with so many of those pop classics reinterpreted over the years, it seemed like slim pickings. There was however one very popular and catchy tune that often seemed to be omitted from the magnitude of ’80s compilations. This was Holly Knight and Michael Des Barres’ “Obsession”, made popular by the group Animotion. They went ahead to transform the song with their industrial-metal flavour to great effect.

This song was also added as a bonus track to the Remyx v1.0 album. Programming and vocals were recorded at Flamedrop, with additional programming at iRONic. Guitars, bass and live drums were recorded at Theo Crous’ Bellville Studios, where the final track was also mixed on the SSL analogue desk. Theo also contributed additional guest rhythm guitar.

For the music video some ideas were kicked around, but landed on a simple but effective concept blending voyeurism and a bit of the paranormal. Just like Ashton Nyte was subtly incorporated into the music video of “Midnight” for his Awakening remix of the song, Theo was included into the “Obsession” music video’s narrative.

Produced by Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg for Flamedrop Productions
Directed & edited by Paul Blom
Cinematography & Camera by Marnus Tredoux
(full credits at the end of the video clip)

biography news audio gallery video live press makabra remix merch catalog store profiles biography lyrix

Live Music Video

TERMINATRYX - "Virus" (Live)  
2012 Flamedrop Productions

"Midnight (The Awakening Remix)"


"MIDNIGHT (The Awakening Remix)" is taken from "Remyx v1.0", the full remix album version of the self-titled debut by South African female-fronted Industrial-Metal band TERMINATRYX. The album was released in December 2011 by ENT Entertainment.

The original "Midnight" showed the band's Gothic side, and the only choice for its remix was South African Gothic legend Ashton Nyte and his band The Awakening. Ashton moved his band to the USA several years back, but Paul & Sonja re-connected with him on-line and the trans-Atlantic remix became a reality.

For the vampire flavored music video, the original version got a resurrection and remix of its own, expanded with additional elements.

See all "Remyx v1.0" info at 

Music Credits:
Original "Midnight" song - written by Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg / performed by Terminatryx / Copyright 2008
"Midnight (The Awakening Remix)" - Copyright 2011
SAMRO, South Africa

Music Video Credits:
a Flamedrop Production
Produced by Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg
Directed, Shot & Edited by Paul Blom (with additional scenes from F.W. Murnau's classic "Nosferatu" - in public domain).
Make-Up by Sonja Ruppersberg
Tattoos by Manuela Gray (WildFire Tattoos)

TERMINATRYX "Midnight (The Awakening Remix)" Music Video
2012 Flamedrop Productions



Sonja Terminatryx Obsession


Sonja - "Siek+Sat" make-up
Pic by Daleen Badenhorst
Sonja, on set of the "Obsession" shoot
Pic by Daulene Coetzee
Sonja - clip from "Midnight"
Pic by Paul Blom

March 2012: Currently in post-production - 3 TERMINATRYX music videos :

The long overdue "Siek+Sat" Afrikaans video clip (with great make-up FX by Cosmesis), was shot in 2008, but shelved for various reasons, incl.
technical difficulties, and to avoid the possible confusion that Terminatryx is an Afrikaans band

From the new "Remyx v1.0" album comes a resurrection re-edit of the "Midnight" music video for The Awakening's remixed version of the track
(feat. clips from the legendary Nosferatu movie plus new elements)

"Midnight" on-line launch event on April 20th : www.facebook.com/events/ 365948916777051

One of the new remix album's bonus tracks is the cover version of Animotion's "Obsession",
with song collaborator Theo Crous also featuring int he video with a supernatural & voyeur theme.
"Obsession" will make its premiere launch screening at the Cinemacabre short film event, April 26th
("Marked", the short film version of the "Virus" music video will also be screened) : http://www.facebook.com/events/274736445947112

click here for images from the "Obsession" video shoot.

These are all Flamedrop Productions.
Special thanks to Media Film Services (Cape Town) for lighting assistance.

Sonja Ruppersberg Terminatryx she-wolfTERMINATRYX "Virus" Music Video (uncensored)

"Once in every generation a plague shall fall upon you! 'Virus' by Terminatryx delivers a bone crushing, gut munching, spine tingling, supersonic blow to the cerebral cortex. Metal, mayhem and no holds barred lycanthropy. What more could you ask for?"
- Richard Stanley (writer/director of Hardware and Dust Devil)

Music video produced by Paul Blom, Sonja Ruppersberg, Clinton Smith
Directed by Paul Blom
Director Of Photography Marnus Tredoux
Special Make-Up FX by Clinton Smith & his Cosmesis team - www.cosmesis.co.za

Edited by Leon Visser

Starring Sonja Ruppersberg, Paul Blom, Ronnie Belcher, Patrick Davidson

More info on the production below
(full credits at the end of the music video)

Music & Lyrics by Paul Blom
© 2008 Flamedrop Productions / ENT Entertainment
Video © 2010
Flamedrop Productions

Click here for stills

TERMINATRYX "Virus" Music Video
2010 Flamedrop Productions

"Virus" the Horror-inspired music video of Cape Town based female-fronted Industrial-Metal band TERMINATRYX is in fact a three-pronged project breaking South African boundaries and expectations.
Originally in October 2009 a werewolf transformation promo clip was produced by Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg for their South African HORRORFEST Film Festival (est. 2005).  It was directed by Paul (also a Fangoria contributing writer), stars Sonja (who is the HorrorFest postergirl) and features make-up FX by Clinton Smith. 

A woman finds an unmarked envelope on her doorstep containing an old Betamax tape.  She digs an old player from her cupboard and views it.   A full moon appears on screen - and things get hairy(!)

See the uncensored TERMINATRYX "Virus" music video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDiRabFQXvg  
Watch the original HorrorFest trailer at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFh62j-3IpI
Catch a teaser of the expanded movie & music video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2pVRqC5Has

The outcome of this promo clip was very well received, and even American Werewolf In London director John Landis was impressed when it was passed on to him.
With a very tight shoot of a single night for the original promo clip, some of the prosthetics by world class make-up FX artist Clinton Smith (from Cosmesis ) could not be utilized.  (Smith has done exceptional work for movies like The Last House On The Left remake, Laconia, and Death Race 2).
So, mid-2010 they loaded up and head down the Cape Town east coast to Betty's Bay, to expand upon this exciting clip.  This was transformed into the impacting "Virus" music video for Paul & Sonja's band TERMINATRYX, as well as an even more involved short film, "Marked" (featuring soon at: www.YouTube.com/FlamedropProductions )

The bulk of this expanded shoot was done over a single weekend with very little sleep in the middle of the Cape Town winter (with a few pick-up shots in July and October).
A grueling shoot had Sonja running around the woods in the cold night, and naked in a freezing mountain pool.
The movie was shot on the Canon 5D MKII camera by Marnus Tredoux - camera supplied by Visual Impact / Magus, chosen for its superior quality and user friendly handling - www.visuals.tv

This multi-purpose project is unlike any South African music video, short film, or promo clip, and was produced by Paul & Sonja's Flamedrop Productions, in co-operation with Cosmesis Advanced Prosthetic Studio, Visual Impact / Magus, Magic Hour Productions, Furry Wood Productions and Silver Bullet Lighting.

Both TERMINATRYX "Virus" and "Marked" made their debut at the 2010 South African HORRORFEST Film Festival over Halloween season, and got the Audience Choice Award, plus Best Special Make-Up FX.

The clip was requested by the Sci-Fi London Film Festival, is being featured on EerieTube.com, and is the first music video from a South African band to appear on the European Metal TV site LoudTV.net
The extended short film "Marked" was also requested by the Seattle International Film Festival for possible consideration even before its completion.
In addition to being covered and featured on many music and movie related sites and blogs, it also got a spread on the renowned indie portal TwitchFilm.com

Paul & Sonja are currently gearing up for another short film and music video, as well as writing a feature film screenplay.
Another audio-visual project they spearhead is THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE, creating new soundtracks for silent classics silent movies and performing it live to the screen. 

Virus & Marked  Still - SonjaTERMINATRYX "Virus" Music Video
& "Marked" Short Film Teaser Clip

Music video produced by Paul Blom, Sonja Ruppersberg, Clinton Smith
Directed by Paul Blom
Director Of Photography Marnus Tredoux
Special Make-Up FX by Clinton Smith & his Cosmesis team - www.cosmesis.co.za

Edited by Leon Visser

Starring Sonja Ruppersberg, Paul Blom, Ronnie Belcher, Patrick Davidson

Music & Lyrics by Paul Blom
© 2008
Video © 2010
Flamedrop Productions

TERMINATRYX "Virus" Music Video & "Marked" Short Film Teaser
2010 Flamedrop Productions

(made by Paul & Sonja from TERMINATRYX)

Produced by Paul Blom, Sonja Ruppersberg, Clinton Smith
Directed by Paul Blom
Starring Sonja Ruppersberg
Special Make-Up FX: Clinton Smith & his Cosmesis team
Director Of Photography: Marnus Tredoux
Editor: Leon Visser

© 2009

South African HORRORFEST Promo Clip
2009 Flamedrop Productions

In the older clips below the YouTube compressed clips lose quality when enlarged.
The YouTube screens on this page cannot be re-sized. If you link through to YouTube (bottom right of video screen),
the clip can be shrunk down to a smaller, better quality size if you choose.


For the
Terminatryx song Midnight (a subtle parody on the Gothic community) the atmospherically lit black & white visuals of the band was intercut with footage from the 1922 F.W. Murnau classic Nosferatu. With the band's affinity for horror movies and the theme of the song, it was a perfect fit.
Below you'll find two versions of the video: one with the new album version audio, and the other with the original demo sound...

Directed by Paul Blom & F.W. Murnau
Music by Paul Blom
Lyrics by Sonja Ruppersberg & Paul Blom

© 2006

TERMINATRYX - Midnight (2008 album version)
2006-2008 Flamedrop Productions

TERMINATRYX - Midnight (demo version)
The above clip seems to claim "No longer avaiable" - if you encounter this, please go straight to the YouTube location:
2006 Flamedrop Productions

TERMINATRYX - SleepWalkers (Demo Version)

This clip consists of a variety of
Terminatryx photographs, including studio stills, live shots, as well as various Terminatryx logos., to the demo version of "SleepWalkers".
The video window is unable to shrink in this view - for better resolution, click "YouTube" in the bottom right corner and zoom out for better quality image.

Stills by Francois Oberholster &
Henri-Jacques Blom
Post-production, logo design & assembly
by Paul Blom

Music & Lyrics by Paul Blom
© 2008

TERMINATRYX - SleepWalkers
© 2006 Flamedrop Productions


As you may or may not know, Paul and Sonja are the creators and organizers of the annual South African HORRORFEST International Film Festival. At the 2006 festival TERMINATRYX performed a brilliant live soundtrack to the silent 1922 vampire classic NOSFERATU, together with members from LARK, KOBUS and Matthijs Van Dijk.
Another legendary silent film was chosen for the 2007 HORRORFEST and brought back to life with a new live soundtrack - THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI. Sean and Simon from LARK were dead keen to be involved again, and The Crackpot Realist also joined in with two additional collaborators.
Below is the video trailer for the 2007 South African HORRORFEST which features the TERMINATRYX instrumental Venus Rising.

Trailer edited by Paul Blom
Music by TERMINATRYX, written by Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg © 2008


The first ever
Terminatryx live shows were as support for German Darkwave legends Diary Of Dreams on their South African Tour in November 2003. During these three shows in Cape Town and Johannesburg, video footage from all of these was amalgamated as a document of this debut performance. Additional footage included short pieces on the airport & airplane, setting up before the show, the hotel and the audience lining up outside the Cape Town venue, the Mercury Live.
The songs include: Science Friction, We Come In Peace, SleepWalkers, Tabloid Android, CONsume, Absinthminded, ?uC (& a pre-mixed instrumental version of A Fuckin' Love Song).
The shows featured key members Sonja (vocals), Paul (bassist, programmer, backing-vocals, songwriter), and temporary live members Ronnie (drums), Malcolm (guitar) and Brett (guitar).
Contact Paul on info@flamedrop.com to obtaining a VHS, CD-Rom or DVD copy.

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