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2008 album press release


TERMINATRYX (pronounced: "terminaytrix") – a new breed of South African music.

CLICK HERE to order the TERMINATRYX self-titled album

The month of May 2008 sees the long awaited TERMINATRYX album released through ENT Entertainment, South Africa - distributed by IRIS (cat. no. CDENT 010).

The TERMINATRYX sound is a unique one in the South African musical milieu with the combination of striking vocalist Sonja Ruppersberg and the music of extreme music veteran Paul Blom (V.O.D, F8, and SAMA winners K.O.B.U.S.) blending into an Industrial-Metal soundscape rarely found in this country.
In addition there are many musical elements subtly filtering through across the diverse songs, from Alternative-, Hard Core- and Punk flavours, to Electronic-, Dark Wave- and Gothic hints.

From the start TERMINATRYX never attempted to sound like anyone out there, developing an identity all their own with inspiration coming from cinematic moods rather than other musical references.

The undercurrent of the fusion-, symbiosis- and corruption of man & technology is illustrated and supplemented with subjects ranging from socio-political issues, individualism & independent thought, consumerism, a critical tirade in Afrikaans, a love song alternative, biological- and viral infection, alien visitation, instrumentals and more.
Reacting on the state of the world (and beyond), there is no mincing of words.

With a natural aversion to cheap commercial sentiments and a blind consumer society, TERMINATRYX is truly a unique South African audio adventure, looking at the world with a satirical eye as they take the listener through a juxtaposed range of sonic intensity and calm, merging technology with the organic in a David Cronenberg vs. H.R Giger trip.

Produced by Paul, the track elements were re-recorded in February 2008 at Flamedrop Productions (with many of the original segments recorded since 2003 retained).

All of the songs are original creations with Sonja and Paul also acting as executive producers.

Early March 2008 Paul entered Sound & Motion Studios to accompany Simon "Fuzzy" Ratcliffe across a 10-day period to mix the album. The final mastering was done late-March.

Fuzzy also guests on the instrumental track ABSINTHIUM with upright bass and a variety of exotic flutes, adding an organic emotional element to the predominantly electronically programmed backbone of the track.
Another guest includes original guitarist Tom Somers with lead segments on SLEEPWALKERS and WE COME IN PEACE.
Jenna Bird added a few well-placed bars of piano on SIEK+SAT.
A German nursery rhyme narrated by Christina Storm opens the song MIDNIGHT.

Exclusive audio samples of selected new recordings from the album (as well as demo versions) can be heard at these on-line destinations:

SIEK+SAT > www.MyNoise.co.za/terminatryx (the only Afrikaans song – translated: Sick + Tired)
VIRUS > www.MySpace.com/terminatryxxx
CONsume > www.ReverbNation.com/terminatryx
MIDNIGHT (music video) > www.YouTube.com/terminatryx

The album cover pictures were shot by Graham Abbott (of One Productions), with design, art-direction & post-production by Paul.

The video clip MIDNIGHT is included as an enhanced CD segment on the album (as well as a web link). The video features clips from F.W. Murnau’s silent German classic Nosferatu.
TERMINATRYX also created an original soundtrack for Nosferatu with collaborators from Lark, performed live to the screen at the 2006 South African HORRORFEST Film Festival (a DVD of which will be released in October 2008).

At the 2007 Fest they gave The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari the same mood-drenched treatment, while the TERMINATRYX live soundtrack for the 2008 HORRORFEST will be the legendary Häxan - Witchcraft Through The Ages (again with special guests – www.HORRORFEST.info )

The Midnight video clip (and others) are also at www.YouTube.com/terminatryx. Two versions can be found here, with either the new audio track or the older demo version.

Album launch shows are set for May 2008:

Flamedrop- & VanniePadaf Productions will host the co-operative Gauteng shows

Friday 30 May @ Zeplins Rock Shack in Centurion (with RUNICA and PLASTICOMA, + DJ SINISTER JOE) - www.zeplins.co.za / www.runica.co.za
(Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=17317446693)

Saturday 31 May @ Back 2 Basix at the edge of Melville, Johannesburg (with RUNICA and DJ SINISTER JOE) - www.back2basix.co.za
(Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=13995004538)

Cape Town Album Launch - Friday 13th June @ The Labia Theatre (68 Orange Street, Gardens) – TERMINATRYX on stage and on the big screen!

• A pre-launch show will happen a week before the main Cape Town event on Friday 6 June with HORROR CAST and others @ ROAR (Lower Main Road, Observatory, CT). While not performing at the Metal 4 Africa Winterfest (Klein Libertas, Stellenbosch) on Sat 7 June, there will be a TERMINATRYX presence.

Updates will appear on the website and other profile pages.
CDs and merchandise (incl. T-Shirts) will be on sale at the shows.

While Paul handled all of the album’s instrumentation, additional musicians will be incorporated for live shows, with a synched-up video projection accompanying the music set to give the audience a unique audio-visual experience.

SONJA: Lead & Backing Vocals
PAUL: Guitars, Bass, Drums & Programming, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
PATRICK: Guitar for live performances (from Mind Assault)
RONNIE: Drums for live performances (ex-Grämlich)

In a televised talent show-, and mock reality drenched commercial media decline, TERMINATRYX is not merely a breath of fresh air, but a long awaited new direction out to rattle the cage just enough to make a saturated public stand still and think, "hey, there's more to it than this..." - even if for only a moment.
But as we know, a moment can be a multitude of infinities - depending on the way you look at it.

Foreign distribution and licensing is underway.

For more info: www.TERMINATRYX.com

Contact / Press / Media / Hi-Res Images / Booking / Merchandise / Info : info@flamedrop.com

TERMINATRYX chooses WILDFIRE Tattoos & Piercing (www.tattoo.co.za)

TERMINATRYX Album Track Listing:

1. Venus Rising (2:17)
2. Consume (4:53)
3. Virus (4:05)
4. Midnight (3:31)
5. SleepWalkers (3:15)
6. Tabloid Android (3:18)
7. Symbionik (2:37)
8. We Come In Peace (3:42)
9. Up To You (2:57)
10. The Love Song (3:51)
11. Siet + Sat (3:52)
12. Absinthium (2:28)

Enhanced CD segment includes music video for Midnight and a web link.

CLICK HERE to order the TERMINATRYX self-titled album

(Instrumental - Music by Paul Blom)
© Copyright 2008 Flamedrop Productions / ENT Entertainment

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