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(pronounced: "terminaytrix")

a new breed of South African music


SONJA (lead & backing vocals)
(guitars, bass, programming, keyboards, backing vocals)
(drums. programming)

In 2002 Paul Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg protested against the barrage of pandering radio-pop, commercial love songs and second rate American Hip-Hop imitations in their native country of South Africa, by creating TERMINATRYX - blending their eclectic love of Alternative, harder and electronic music, with that of the moods created by Sci-Fi / Horror / Extreme movies, perceptions of the world around them, and a touch of sexually charged danger to initialize their own dark edged Alternative / Industrial-Rock movement, something of which there is a short supply in this beautiful, sunny country with a dark and bloody history.

Since then they cultivated and sculpted their sound, systematically shaping these creations, encapsulating the fusion-, symbiosis- and corruption of man & technology, illustrating and supplementing it with a wide range of moods and subjects, from the duality of man, socio-political & protest grievances, the media & consumerism, to alien visitation, an alternative to the traditional love song, a critical tirade, biological- and digital infection, emotional matters, mythical creatures, relationships and impacting instrumentals. The band also includes one track per album in one of their local languages, Afrikaans. A strong sense of individuality, emotional consciousness, free speech, and free choice filters throughout. Reacting on the state of the world (and beyond), there is no mincing of words.

Categorization has been difficult with the band’s dark blend of female-fronted, electronically infused Industrial Metal-scapes, but in addition there are many musical elements subtly filtering through across the diverse songs, from Alternative-, Hard Core- and Punk flavours, to Electronic-, Dark Wave- and Gothic hints. 

With the enticing Sonja on lead vocals, the other key component of the TERMINATRYX collective is Paul, also member of South Africa’s most influential Metal band V.O.D - VOICE OF DESTRUCTION (www.VOICEofDESTRUCTION.com), and former drummer of SAMA-winners K.O.B.U.S. Besides songwriting, Paul also handles all musical and production aspects from programming, guitars and bass, to keyboards and backing vocals.

TERMINATRYX is completed by the third side of the pyramid, drummer Ronnie Belcher (also of Gramlich and The Damned Crows).
Sadly for personal reasons good friend and guitarist Patrick Davidson resigned late 2017. The band is now continuing as a 3-piece.
Having handled all guitar and bass recordings since the band's inception, Paul always played bass for live shows, but will now switch to live guitar. This new configuration changes nothing to the sound and energy of Terminatryx.

In addition, Sonja and Paul are also involved in video production (creating most of the band's striking music videos), and are the creators and directors of the South African HORRORFEST Film Festival.  With their MAKABRA ENSEMBLE project they create original soundtracks for classic silent horror / sci-fi / thriller films, performing it live to the screen with collaborators Matthijs Van Dijk, Simon Ratcliffe and Sean Ou Tim (incl. Nosferatu, The Cabinet Dr. Caligari, Häxan, Maciste In Hell, Metropolis and others). 

Across the band's 12 year lifespan, they've released their self-titled debut album, its full remixed version "Remyx v1.0" (feat. international and local remixers), the "Terminatryx / Nosferatu" DVD including the full silent vampire classic with its new soundtrack, the "Kopskoot!" heavy Afrikaans compilation, and now (on 04 / 04 / 14) the latest studio album "Shadow" co-produced by Paul Blom and the renowned Theo Crous, taking the band into a new realm on their musical journey, from its sonic scope, through to the song-writing.
"Shadow" also received its full remixed version with "Remyx v2.0" sendign the songs into a new adventurous direction.

It is time for this unique force to burst from its South African chains and infiltrate the rest of this rotten peach of a planet!

(see year on year highlights from 2002 to present below)

Click Here for TERMINATRYX press page incl. reviews, features, articles, interviews



2002 - Terminatryx forms in Cape Town, South Africa (incl. Sonja on vocals, Paul on bass & programming, Tom Somers on guitar and Christina Storm on backing vocals)

2003 - Debut live shows supporting Diary Of Dreams (Germany) on their Dream Collector Tour; first demo recordings available; before the live shows Tom moved to Scotland and Christina dropped out; With Tom leaving, Paul was forced to also pick up the guitar for the first time (for recordign purposes); The live line-up added Ronnie Belcher on drums, and on guitars, Malcolm Burger and Brett Reynolds.

2004 - Assemble an album's worth of songs; Write, produce and direct the short film imPERFECTION, featuring TERMINATRYX and F8 music (official selection at Edinburgh ‘09 Film Fest and screened at The South African HorrorFest Film Festival, The X Fest Film Festival and Short Cuts: Nightmare Before Christmas cinematic event)

2005 - Create the annual South African HORRORFEST Film Festival; Create the Venus Rising Show with female-fronted rock bands; featured on Kerrang! Radio; Produce the “Midnight” music video; At this time Ronnie, Malcolm and Brett went on to other projects; Braam Cilliers joined on guitar.

2006 - Invited to play as one of 4 South African bands at POPKOMM, Berlin, Germany (joined on 8-string bass by Paul's V.O.D bandmate Diccon Harper); Perform their new soundtrack live for the silent vampire classic Nosferatu at the 2nd SA HORRORFEST

2007 - Invited to play the Ramfest alternative rock festival; Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari live soundtrack performance at HorrorFest and at Sound & Motion Studios' White Room Sessions

2008 - Release the critically acclaimed debut album; With the album release, Ronnie returned on drums and Patrick Davidson joined on guitar after Braam retired; Support VNV Nation on their SA tour; Support Sheep On Drugs on their SA tour; Perform the live Häxan soundtrack at the HorrorFest; Produce the “Siek+Sat “ music video feat. make-up FX by Last House On The Left artist Clinton Smith (video is shelved due to its SD quality - but used as video backdrop at live shows); “Terminatryx / Nosferatu” DVD pre-released over Halloween for 2009

2009 - Late-2008 / early 2009 Paul & Sonja produced & released the Kopskoot! compilation album with ENT (translated "Headshot!" - a historic first, featuring heavy bands singing in Afrikaans); Perform the live Nosferatu soundtrack at Oppi Koppi, South Africa's largest rock festival - the movie was preceded by the debut screening of the "Siek+Sat" music video rough cut; Perform Maciste In Hell soundtrack at teh HorrorFest and White Room Sessions; Begin securing artists for the Terminatryx remix album from all over the globe

2010 - Played the reputed Metal 4 Africa Summerfest (January); Supported Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s Martin Degville on his SA tour (February); Played Noisefest VII (April); rough cut of "Siek+Sat" music video screened at both Short Cuts and Future Shorts movie events, as well as The X Fest Short Flix collection; Makabra Ensemble perform another live movie soundtrack (Maciste In Hell) at Oppi Koppi (Aug), and at the S.A. HorrorFest (Phantom Of The Opera) in Oct; Paul & Sonja appears on the LMG magazine cover as a Terminatryx / HorrorFest combo (Oct); Headlined The LoveCats show (Nov); Sonja appears on the cover of Vixxen Magazine; Headlined the Sailor's Grave Cape Town Tattoo Convention show (Dec)

2011 - Release the "Virus" music video - wins Best Music Clip at Barossa Film Festival (Australia) and screens on the MK Ondergrond TV show; Release "Remyx v1.0", the full remix version of their debut album, incl. remixers like Sigue Sigue Sputnik (UK), Sheep On Drugs (UK), Industriezone (Austria), The Awakening (USA), Modern-e-Quartet (Greece) & various noted alternative South African acts, like Battery 9, NuL, Axxon, Mr. Sakitumi etc.; Headline the Reel Ink Tattoo Film Festival's music chapter; Perform live original soundtrack to the silent 1920 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde at the HorrorFest film festival; Exclusive Remyx v1.0 album launch at Sound & Motion Studios (precede the night before by a warm-up show for City Varsity sound engineering students); Perform the live Häxan soundtrack as The Makabra Ensemble at the HorrorFest

2012 - Start the year on January 1st at Rock The River New Year's Festival; Perform at Metal4Africa's 2012 Summerfest (28 Jan); Pre-production for more music videos; Working on new material for the next album; Receive positive reviews of "Remyx v1.0" in magazines incl. Rolling Stone, Muse, and Kultur; Re-edited & launched the "Midnight" music video for the remixed version (by The Awakening); Launch “Marked”, the extended short film version of the “Virus” music video (Mar); Produce the music video for the "Obsession" bonus cover version on "Remyx v1.0" (it makes its theatrical premiere at the CineMacabre event, as well as the 5th annual X Fest Film Festival) - the video is play-listed on the MK music TV channel; Perform as the sole live act at the Cape Town chapter of World Goth Day (May); Paul & Sonja appears on the Sunday Independent's Life cover for a piece on the Makabra Ensemble (June); Release the self-titled Terminatryx album and "Remyx v1.0" to on-line download stores for the first time, incl. iTunes; The song "Virus" is included in MK Ondergrond's "Hostile TakeOver" compilation CD which was created to be distributed at the Wacken Open Air festival; Cover feature for the 1st anniversary edition of Kultur Magazine; As The Makabra Ensemble, perform the live soundtracks to both the classic Metropolis (at Celludroid Sci-Fi Film Festival) and Nosferatu (at the HorrorFest over Halloween); Pre-production for next studio album kick-started and record the first two new track for it, "Shadow" and “Scars”

2013 - Release live music video clip for the song "Virus"; Finish the track "Scars" for the new album (with co-producer Theo Crous at Bellville Studios); First show of 2013 at the Underground In: Chapter II event (ROAR); Further pre-production for the rest of the new album, entitled “Shadow”; Perform at Buckley’s (playing in the Northern suburbs for the first time in 5 years, since the Kopskoot! launch); Perform the live Häxan soundtrack as The Makabra Ensemble at the Sound On Screen Music Film Festival; Paul & Patrick are selected as judges for the Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa competition; Positive CD review in Playboy Magazine (April); Cover feature in Fanbase Magazine (June) as well as The Riff Magazine (July); 4th radio studio visit to The Holy Grail of Rock on UCT and also guest at The O-Zone on Zone Radio (playing pre-mastered versions of new tracks “Shadow” and “Scars”); A Terminatryx poster can be seen in the room of Spud in the feature film Spud 2 - The Madness Continues; Band feature in Gorgeous Freaks Magazine 8; Record the rest of the “Shadow” album at Flamedrop Productions and Bellville Studios until late-July 2013; Set up an Indie Go Go crowd funding campaign to support the album cost - www.igg.me/at/terminatryx-shadow ; Experimental photo-shoot with Dr-Benway based on Golden Age paintings gets featured in De Kat magazine; More live shows for the year –
10 August @ ROAR (Observatory, Cape Town) – Women In Metal event
7 September @ The Rabbit Hole (Durbanville, Cape Town)
11 October @ Mercury Live (Zonnebloem, Cape Town)
14 December @ Aandklas (Stellenbosch, Cape Town)
Experimental Golden Age painting style photo-shoot with Dr-Benway features in De Kat Magazine

2014 - Terminatryx enters its 12th year; Finish mixing and mastering of the new "Shadow" album; Feature in Playboy SA Magazine (incl. special Sonja photo-shoot with Dr-Benway); First 2014 show at Mercury 28 March (Cape Town) with The Awakening; The complete Golden Age photo shoot features in March edition of Kultur Magazine; Shoot "Shadow" music video 29 March (directed by Sonja and Paul); Release the "Shadow" album 04 / 04 / 14; Produce music video for the track "Gone" (mid-April) directed by Johnny Swanepoel; Cover feature of Kultur Magazine's April issue (feat. the "Shadow" album artwork by Dr-Benway); Almost all of the 2 dozen "Shadow" album reviews very positive; More live shows in support of the new album incl. Bring Out Your Dead at ROAR (31 May, Observatory), co-headlinging M4A's Winterfest (2 August, Stellenbosch), co-headlining Women In Metal show (29 August, ROAR, Observatory); Terminatryx confirmed alongside Paul's band V.O.D to perform at the 2015 Witchfest (early-April, Gauteng), "Shadow" music video lanched Friday 13 June; A studio / live / lyric video in pre-production; Makabra Ensemble live movie soundtrack for the SA HorrorFest over Halloween was The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari; "Shadow" music video official selection for Montreal Comicon's Horrorfest (Canada in September); "Gone" music video launch 24 Oct at ROAR (Observatory, Cape Town); 12th anniversary party show set for 14 November (Mercury, Cape Town);

2015 - Terminatryx was official support band for MINISTRY's single South African show (4 March 2015, Carfax, Johannesburg); Performing at the biggest African weekend Metal festival, Witchfest on Sun 5 April, as the last local band on the bill before it is closed out by Epica and other international acts - line-up also incl. Septic Flesh, Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, Kataklysm, Belphegor, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Aborted, Alestorm etc. (plus loads of killer local acts) - unfortuantely Paul's band V.O.D can longer perform at the event; "Shadow" music video will feature on the Montreal Comicon's Horrorfest compilation DVD, the song also the official track of the DVD; New T-shirt launched featuring the stunning "Shadow" album cover artwork by Dr. Benway; Terminatryx adapted an Afrikaans poem by legendary South African poet Ingrid Jonker for the upcoming tribute compilation album "Die Kind Is Nog Jonger" (The Child Is Even Younger) - her life was depicted in the movie Black Butterflies; Sonja was named Best / Favorite World Class Vocalist for Kick Ass Metal's Person Of The Year Awards; "Shadow" nominated for Best Music Video at South African Metal Music Awards; Cover feature of alt.SA magazine's 4th edition; The band was selected as one of a handful acts to perform and be interviewed for a documentary on South African Metal (by Sam Dunn and Banger Films, makers of "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" and Iron Maiden's "Flight 666"); Terminatryx teamed up with the world's number one name in Horror, Fangoria Magazine, releasing "Lucky 13: Anthology I", a special exclusive digital collection (across the band's catalog) on the Fangoria Musick imprint + Lucky 13 live show at Mercury (7 Nov); Live image of Sonja featured in Digital Soul Magazine and Rock Profiles exhibition in Johannesburg; Terminatryx live shows at the end of the year incl. Nightmare Before Christmas (19 Dec, ROAR), and one of the headliners at the Geraas Plaas new year's event; More music videos to be produced early 2016

2016 - Sonja won Audio Inferno's 2015 Vocalist Of The Year (only female nominee); Laying low on live shows, the first Terminatryx show for 2016 is on 1 April at ROAR; A live video clip was edited and released, consisting of fan-shot footage and stills taken at the Terminatryx support slot of Ministry on their first ever SA show - What makes this clip so special is the inclusion of Battery 9's Paul Riekert, invited to join Sonja and Paul on vocals for a live version of his remixed version of "Siek+Sat" (from the "Remyx v1.0" album); Two new music videos are in pre- and -post production respectively, the former for "Medusa", the latter for the Afrikaans song "Ontvlugting" (from the Ingrid Jonker 36-artist tribute album, released May 2016); Terminatryx interview / feature at Sweden's Battle Helm magazine; Released the "Siek+Sat" music video shelved for 8 years(!); Terminatryx will be pulling back on live shows for 2016, with only soem selective shows; Self-titled debut album celebrates its 8th anniversary; Wheels are in motion for "Remyx v2.0", the remixes of the "Shadow" album; Patrick's band Mind Assault playing Rockstadt festival in Romania (August 2016); Sonja was one of the judges for the Wacken Metal Battle's South African leg - South Africa's selection Zombies Ate My Girlfriend won the overall Wacken Metal Battle in Germany early-August!; 26 November perform live at ROAR for the 17th anniversaty of the Gandalf's venue (of which ROAR is a part) - incl. first public screening of the new Terminatryx music video for the Ingrid Jonker tribute poem adaptation "Ontvlugting" (Escape); 2 December international release of the "Ontvlugting" music video

2017 - This year sees TERMINATRYX celebrating its 15th year! T
here will be a minimum of 3 shows linked to this celebration, including Metal 4 Africa's Winterfest '17 (29 July), an official birthday show at ROAR (26 August) and a performance at the 18 Til I Die event (30 September); The various remixes from the "Shadow" album will be released (accumulated as "Remyx v2.0"); Between July and the end of the year various flashbacks and gifts from across the band's history will see the light; The first "Remyx v2.0" single and music video for the "Medusa" remix by iRONic was launched 29 August at the Metal4Africa Winterfest '17 show; Two more pre-mastered singles followed, the Grimehouse remix of "Scars", and the Khemical Krypt remx of "Gone" (all at Bandcamp). Sadly guitarist Patrick departed (amicably) with the band after a decade - his last show was at 18 Till I Die on 30 September; Terminatryx reluctantly threw the door open for potential new guitarists. After several impressive applications, the band found the right man for the job, Mark Allnutt - this was announced on Halloween 2017 - but unfortunately just before the band's first show with Mark, he retracted his application; This led to Terminatryx simply rebooting as a 3-piece, with Paul now on live guitar; The Terminatryx-linked Makabra Ensemble's live silent film soundtrack perfromance at the 13th South African HorrorFest was for Metropolis (celebrating its 90th anniversary); The first physical incarnation of the "Shadow" album's remixes, "Remyx v2.0" is in the shape of a limited edition key-shaped laser engraved metal USB flash drive / pendant - it will be followed in December by a digital release at all reputed on-line stores, and ltd. ed. CD option; Next Terminatryx live show set for May 2018 - Until then the band will work on more video content and start on new material.

2018 - In February the lyric video for Battery 9's remix of the Afrikaans Terminatryx song "Masjien" was released, and all major band music videos were also uploaded the Facebook for the first time (always only available at YouTube); First Terminatryx live show as the new streamlined 3-piece was for the Cape Town leg of Metal United World Wide on 5 May, introducing live versions of several remixes for the first time, with a more electronic edge; Two Terminatryx tracks will feature on the Miner Records compilation "Elektrodød": "Shadow" and the F8 remix of "Metropolis"; In addition to the band celebrating its 16th year, it is also the 10th anniversary of the debut self-titled album!; New songs are currently being written

Check out the official band site: www.TERMINATRYX.com
Or contact them here via e-mail

YouTube: www.YouTube.com/terminatryx
Bandcamp: www.terminatryx.bandcamp.com
"Like" the new Facebook Band Page: www.facebook.com/Terminatryx
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/terminatryx/id555064177
Follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com/Terminatryx
Join the new New Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/terminatryx
Makabra Ensemble: www.terminatryx.com/makabra
ReverbNation: www.ReverbNation.com/terminatryx
And if you still use MySpace: www.myspace.com/terminatryxxx

Other related sites:
HorrorFest: www.HORRORFEST.info
V.O.D on Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5711375805&ref=mf
Shadow Realm, inc. : www.SHADOWREALMinc.com
Paul Blom: www.PaulBlom.com
Sonja Ruppersberg: www.SonjaRuppersberg.com
X Fest: www.Xfest.org


[Terminatryx 2007 - 2017 line-up ]

TERMINATRYX "Shadow" music video
2014 Flamedrop Productions



TERMINATRYX - "Remyx v2.0 " (CD, USB & Download)
Flamedrop Productions
(FDROP 010)

Terminatryx Remyx v2

As with the debut Terminatryx album's
full remixed version (Remyx v1.0), the acclaimed "Shadow" album got the same treatment with "Remyx v2.0"!
The exciting remixers giving all the "Shadow" tracks the once-over include a legendary and talented line-up:
Battery 9, Grimehouse, Mr Sakitumi, Industriezone (Austria), Isobel, F8, Lloyd Price of The Frixion (UK), iRONic, Khemical Krypt, In Misery.
A bonus cover version of Prince's "When Doves Cry" closes the al

Available at all digital stores
, incl. :
iTunes / Apple Music
CD Baby

1.Metropolis (F8 'Moloch' Remix)
2.Holy (The Frixion Remix)
3.Scars (Grimehouse Remix)
4.Masjien-Machine (Battery 9 'Sementkop' Remix)
5.Shadow (Industriezone Remix)
6.Gone (Khemical Krypt Remix)
7.PuriFire (In Misery Remix)
8.Nothing (Isobel Acoustyx Version)
9.Outcast (Mr Sakitumi Remix)
(iRONic Remix)
11. When Doves Cry (cover version)

The first physical release incarnation of
new Terminatryx "Remyx v2.0" album (remixes of "Shadow") is in the shape of a limited edition key shaped laser engraved USB flash drive / pendant (includes a ball chain making it wearable musical jewelry to always have Terminatryx on your person!) Comes in a magnetic presentation case and a branded cover sleeve.
(A version including both "Shadow" and "Remyx v2.0" is also available, and both versions include extra features like music videos).
USB / Pendant available directly from the band or via
www.terminatryx.bandcamp.com and Subterrania.

(Also on Ltd. Ed. CD)

A Flamedrop Production
For more Remyx v2.0 info
click here

Get the full album download at
iTunes / Apple Music
CD Baby

Pre-mastered "Remyx v2.0" singles "Scars", "Medusa" & "Gone" at www.terminatryx.bandcamp.com

INGRID JONKER - Die Kind Is Nog Jonger (CD, LP & Download)
Flamedrop Productions / Sound Action
(CD: FDROP 002 / LP: FDROP 003)

Terminatryx Ingrid Jonker Tribute CD Terminatryx Ingrid Jonker Tribute LP

Ingrid Jonker is one of South Africa's most celebrated (and tragic) poets.
With the 50th commemoration of her untimely death in 1965 (committing suicide by drowning), her daughter is spearheading an exciting music project to not only reinvigorate Ingrid's timeless words, but also preserving it via a wide range of artists and their brand new song recordings exclusive to this collection.
The TERMINATRYX contribution of their "Ontvlugting" adaptation (Escape), has been lauded and praised in the press.

Download at
iTunes, CD Baby etc.
Order the CD or vinyl LP at
RARU, LOOT or various indie walk-in stores across South Africa + Exclusive Books stores.

TERMINATRYX - Lucky 13: Anthology I (Download)

Terminatryx Lucky 13

The first Terminatryx digital collection "Lucky 13: Anthology I" celebrates the band's 13th anniversary (2015), featuring 13 songs from the self titled "Terminatryx" debut, the "Remyx v1.0" remixes and the "Shadow" album.
Innitially released via Fangoria Musick, now available at Bandcamp.

Track Listing:

1. Metropolis
2. Scars
3. Midnight (The Awakening Remix)
4. Up To You
5. Shadow
6. SleepWalkers (iRONic Remix)
7. We Come In Peace
8. Virus (Axxon Remix)
9. Outcast
10. Gone
11. Maciste Descends
13. Absinthium (Mr. Sakitumi Remix)

TERMINATRYX - Shadow (CD & Download)
(FDROP 001)

Terminatryx Shadow

The long awaited new studio album was released 04 / 04 / 14
Produced by Paul Blom & Theo Crous
For more info click here

Track Listing:
11.Shadow (Industriezone Remix)

A Flamedrop Production released April 2014

For the lyrix click here

TERMINATRYX – (CD & Download)
(CDENT 010)

The critically acclaimed debut album was produced and recorded by Paul Blom at Flamedrop Studios; mixed and mastered at Sound & Motion Studios, and released thru ENT Entertainment in May 2008.
For more info click here

Track Listing:
1.Venus Rising
6.Tabloid Android
8.We Come In Peace
9.Up To You
10.The Love Song

Enhanced CD segment includes the music video for “Midnight” and a web link
A Flamedrop Production released May 2008, thru ENT Entertainment

For secure, global CD orders : www.oneworld.co.za
Downloads at Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon mp3
For the lyrix click here

(DVDENT 001)

Terminatryx Nosferatu

The first TERMINATRYX DVD features the full version of the classic vampire film NOSFERATU, with the new soundtrack as recorded live at its South African HORRORFEST Film Festival screening by TERMINATRYX and special guest artists from LARK, DAWN TREADER, & V.O.D.
The DVD also features TERMINATRYX music videos, live NOSFERATU performance footage, the dark short film imPERFECTION, & photo galleries. The DVD sleeve is interchangeable to feature either the “TERMINATRYX” or “NOSFERATU” design.
From 2009, this TERMINATRYX-led live soundtrack collaboration is known as THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE.

A Flamedrop Production released Halloween 2008, thru ENT Entertainment.

For more info on this DVD release click here
Click here for the "Midnight" music video
For secure, global on-line DVD orders: www.bandcamp.com and www.oneworld.co.za

- Compilation (CD)
(CDENT 011)

"Kopskoot!" Translated: “Headshot!”
Historic compilation album produced by Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg, featuring 16 heavy tracks from bands and artists using Afrikaans. Includes Metal, Industrial, EBM, Hardcore, Alternative Rock etc.
Features the TERMINATRYX track “Siek+Sat” (translated: “Sick+Tired”), V.O.D, and Paul's solo project F8. Also includes Mind Assault, K.O.B.U.S., Van Coke Kartel, NuL, Insek, Helsinki, and exclusives from Somerfaan (special remix), Lion's Pride (from Belgium with a track in Flemish, very close to Afrikaans), and USA/Japan Conquest For Death (re-recording a song in Afrikaans especially for Kopskoot!).

A Flamedrop Production released February 2009 thru ENT Entertainment.

For more info: www.flamedrop.com/kopskoot
For secure, global on-line orders of this CD compilation & audio samples of each track: www.oneworld.co.za

TERMINATRYX - REMYX v1.0 (CD & Download)
(CDENT 015)

Terminatryx Remyx v1.0

The entire debut album remixed by the likes of Sheep On Drugs (UK), Industriezone (Austria), Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s Martin Degville with Lloyd Price (UK), The Awakening’s Ashton Nyte (RSA/USA), Modern-e-Quartet (Greece), & local acts like Jekyll & Hyde, Battery 9, NuL, Axxon, Mr. Sakitumi, Terminatryx & bonus tracks like the cover version of Animotion's "Obsession", and a soundtrack cue from the The Makabra Ensemble (Terminatryx live movie soundtrack project with collaborators).

For secure, global CD orders : www.oneworld.co.za
Downloads at Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon mp3
For the lyrix click here

A Flamedrop Production

The TERMINATRYX releases and KOPSKOOT! compilation are available in South African music stores, or on-line for secure global orders at:

Band Contact:

Extensive trailer feat. extracts from all the TERMINATRYX debut album songs,
alternated with their remixes + bonus tracks

2012 Flamedrop Productions

Extensive trailer feat. extracts from all the TERMINATRYX "Shadow" album songs,
alternated with their remixes + bonus track

2017 Flamedrop Productions



2 0 0 8 - 2010

TERMINATRYX (pronounced: "terminaytrix") – a new breed of South African music.

The long awaited TERMINATRYX album was released mid-May 2008 through ENT Entertainment, South Africa - distributed by IRIS (cat. no. CDENT 010).Available at all good music stores, or on-line at:
www.subterania.co.za (incl. international orders)

[full album download available soon]
While the South African musical landscape consists of varied styles and genres, TERMINATRYX couldn’t find one catering to their specific taste. So, in 2002 they decided to set out and create their own by blending their love of hard- and electronic music, with that of the moods created by sci-fi / horror / extreme movies / perceptions of the world around them, and a touch of sexually charged danger to initialize their own dark edged Industrial Rock movement. Since then they have slowly cultivated and sculpted their sound, systematically shaping these creations, encapsulating the fusion-, symbiosis- and corruption of man & technology, illustrating and supplementing it with a wide range of moods and subjects, from socio-political & protest grievances, the media & consumerism, to alien visitation, an alternative to the traditional love song, a critical tirade in Afrikaans, biological- and viral infection, instrumentals and fictional / fantasy trips. A strong sense of individuality, free speech and free choice filters throughout. Reacting on the state of the world (and beyond), there is no mincing of words.Categorization has been difficult with the band’s dark flavoured blend of female-fronted, electronically infused industrial metalscapes – they’re quite content with this non-labeled state.
In addition there are many musical elements subtly filtering through across the diverse songs, from Alternative-, Hard Core- and Punk flavours, to Electronic-, Dark Wave- and Gothic hints.

The rock community has always looked upon bands with female vocalists with a prejudiced eye, but in the case of TERMINATRYX, SONJA projects sensuality while delivering the musical message, without weak attempts at being the “rock goddess” – she simply is without trying!
Furthermore she does not endeavor to emulate the voice of any other singers out there, as her vocals join forces with the music to become a part of its essence, as opposed to fighting for attention.
The other key component of the TERMINATRYX collective is PAUL, also drummer of South Africa’s most influential Metal band V.O.D - VOICE OF DESTRUCTION

V.O.D’s Bloedrivier album got a 10th Anniversary re-release with extras incl. demo tracks and videos directed by Paul.

The band lived in Europe for a few years in the mid ‘90s, recording Bloedrivier in the UK for their German record label and also embarking on a full European tour with Katatonia and In The Woods during 1996. While on this tour, PAUL purchased a bass guitar with which to give life to the songs in his head. This led to the forming of his solo project F8 (pronounced “fate”) in 1998 – (www.MyNoise.co.za/F8)

In 2002 however, together with SONJA, the seed for TERMINATRYX started germinating. Between 2002 and 2005 several guitarists came and went. During this period (key songwriter) PAUL took up the guitar himself, handling all of the musical aspects, from bass & guitar, to drums, programming, keyboards (and backing vocals).
In 2003 the first ever TERMINATRYX live shows erupted in support of German Darkwave gods Diary Of Dreams on their South African tour.
For live performances the core configuration of PAUL & SONJA can be joined by various additional members, from extra guitarists to live drummers to add to the programmed tracks & loops. The live set-up can range from 2 – 5 members (or more if need be – this opportunity arose with the live soundtrack performance TERMINATRYX delivered for the screening of the 1922 silent classic NOSFERATU at the South African HORROR FEST – (www.horrorfest.info).

South African live shows were put on hold in preparation for the TERMINATRYX performance at the South Africa day of POPKOMM 2006 at the Duncker Club in Berlin, Germany – 21 September 2006 (64 Duncker Street, 10439, Berlin, Germany).

On their return to home soil, TERMINATRYX performed a live original soundtrack to F.W. Murnau’s silent 1922 vampire classic NOSFERATU at the annual South African HORRORFEST over the Halloween period (27-30 Oct), incorporating additional guest artists, violinist Matthijs Van Dijk, Francois Blom (of V.O.D, DIE KRUIS, and K.O.B.U.S.) on keyboards, and from LARK, Sean & Simon on everything from samplers and upright bass, to flute and the theremin. It was an awe-inspiring experience which led to the creation and performance of another soundtrack at the 2007 HORRORFEST for the screening of THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI with collaborators from LARK). The show was not just sold out, but extra seats were brought into the theatre and many people had to be turned away.

The 2008 HORRORFEST will see the legendary HÄXAN getting the TERMINATRYX soundtrack treatment.

(Paul & Sonja are also the key organizers of the HorrorFest and the X Fest extreme film festival).
www.HORRORFEST.info / www.SHADOWREALMinc.com / www.Xfest.org

The first live performance for 2007 was at the Ramfest rock festival over the first weekend of March.

The TERMINATRYX music video for the song Midnight (directed by Paul), also utilized clips from the classic NOSFERATU. This video can be viewed on the band’s MySpace site (www.MySpace.com/terminatryxxx). This and a stills collage video for SleepWalkers can also be viewed in the video chapter of TERMINATRYX.com, or at www.YouTube.com/terminatryx. More music videos are in the pipeline.

Pre-produxion samplers, First Fix v.1.0, First Fix v.2.0 and First Fix v.3.0 has been circulated since 2003, and a CD / DVD promo package with sample trax, live footage, music videos, European footage, NOSFERATU performance extracts, stills and a short film imPERFECTION (by PAUL, starring SONJA, featuring TERMINATRYX music) will be completed to coincide with their debut album, set for an April 2008 release. (www.flamedrop.com/pictures)

Mid-May 2008 saw the critically well received release of the long anticipated TERMINATRYX debut album, through ENT Entertainment, distributed by IRIS (catalog number: CDENT 010).
This was accompanied by live launch shows in Gauteng, late May (Zeplins & Back 2 Basix) and Cape Town (4th July @ The Labia Theatre): www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=30625418480&ref=mf
TERMINATRYX was also selected as support for VNV Nation on their South African visit at the Goth Industrial Gathering on 22 August: www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=16251822475&ref=mf

For the 2008 live shows the TERMINATRYX live line-up will incorporate additional musicians in the shape of Patrick on guitar (from Mind Assault), and Ronnie on drums (ex-Grämlich & -Revellus).

In the live drums department, Paul also started playing for the Afrikaans Metal outfit K.O.B.U.S. in 2003 (who will be sharing the stage with Manowar at the Magic Circle Festival, July 2008 in Germany) – (www.KobusMusic.com)
To focus on the TERMINATRYX album recording, Paul abdicated this drumming position in March 2008.

Live highlights of 2008 included the Cape Town album launch (4th July) where TERMINATRYX performed at the Labia Theatre in the 200-seater cinema with a huge synced-up video projection show accompanying the entire performance. The show was followed by a sneak preview of werewolf movie Skinwalkers - a new kind of double feature! Within a single week in August, TERMINATRYX performed as support for two international acts visiting South Africa independently - incl. Sheep On Drugs (16 Aug) and VNV Nation (22 Aug).

With a natural aversion to cheap commercial sentiments and a blind consumer society, TERMINATRYX is truly a unique South African audio adventure, looking at the world with a satirical eye as they take the listener through a juxtaposed range of sonic intensity and calm, fusing technology with the organic in a David Cronenberg vs. H.R Giger trip.

In a televised talent show-, and mock reality drenched commercial media decline, TERMINATRYX is not merely a breath of fresh air, but a long awaited new direction out to rattle the cage just enough to make a saturated public stand still and think, "hey, there's more to it than this..." - even if for only a moment.
But as we know, a moment can be a multitude of infinities - depending on the way you look at it.

TERMINATRYX is an evolving entity and its philosophy partially comprises the following:
It is compelled to create music with which they can identify, even if it is not generally accepted by the wider community / Its inherent intensity is a natural one created by their perception of the world around them / It tackles issues without being preachy / It kicks hard without drowning the key purpose in sheer volume / It utilizes technology without being overtaken by it or losing its humanity and organic essence / It contains catchy elements without attempts to scam listeners into a blatant commercial trap / It exudes a confident sexuality and sense of empowerment as part & parcel, not a mere overblown selling point...

Taking the above mentioned into account and the fact that TERMINATRYX takes both subjective and objective standpoints, it is everything but neutral.
A paradox? Perhaps...
An enigma? Maybe...
A phenomenon? By far…
You be the judge.

Check out www.TERMINATRYX.com for info, pics, mp3s, videos & more.
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HorrorFest: www.HORRORFEST.info
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